Pastors Freddy is the Pastor of Celebración, (Spanish Service).  Pastor Freddy is a “man among men”. He survived growing up in the border city of El Paso, TX, spending many summers with his grandmother in Juarez, Mexico, “the murder capital of the world.” God in his infinite wisdom and mercy reached Pastor Freddy through a Christian wrestling coach who led him to several state and National titles, but most importantly, he led him to Christ. He volunteered for 6 years as a youth pastor in one of Las Vegas’ largest Spanish churches and completed his seminary training. Soon afterward, he answered the call of God and began a ministry that focused on championing in every area of the Christian life. God again, reached this anointed man and joined him with Pastor Danny and Margaret Hand. Pastor Freddy is an aspiring writer with one published book. Additionally, he has fought in several MMA events.